Bugs / Suggestions

Known Bugs

If you find a new bug, send us an email, post it to the forum or add it to the list above.

Feature Requests

You are missing something in FloatNotes? Have a look at the open feature requests and planned features.

Please let us know about features you would like to see! Send us an email, post it to the forum or to the list above.

Difficult Problems

There are also problems we don't know how to solve (yet). We are happy for any suggestions:
  • On some (most?) websites, the notes (or at least the text) are not shown on the printout. The reason might be the absolute positioning of the notes.
  • Not really a problem: If someone can make nice looking icons for the preferences (Notes, Location, View,...) tabs, we would be happy :) (your name will be mentioned somewhere on this website ;))

Thank you in advance for your help!