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You can set the default width, height and color for a note. 

The font size can only be changed for all notes. This setting is not intended to use for changing the font size of different parts of the text but merely to set it to your comfortable reading size.


You can specify here where a new created note should appear by default. The options are:
  • Current page: The note will only appear on the page it was created on, but query string and anchor are ignored.
  • Current page with query: The note will appear on the page it was created on with respect to the query string.
  • Current page and subpages: The note will appear on the page it was created on and all pages that start with page's URL.
  • Whole website: The note will appear on all pages of the website (all pages which URLs start with the "base" URL).
If the option Update notes when anchor changes is selected, you have two further options for the default locations that include the anchor. Normally an anchor specifies a place in the current page, therefore it does not make sense to save notes for a specific anchor.
But with more and more websites using Ajax to load the content and using the anchor to specify this content, an anchor actually defines different pages. So FloatNotes will treat different anchors as different pages when you select this option.
If Show notes from page is selected, the notes saved for a page without anchor will still show up even if the URL contains an anchor.

Please see About Locations to learn more about it.


If Show indicators (...) is selected, small boxes will appear in the upper and lower left corner of the browser and show if and how many notes are further up or down the page.

Show button in toolbar and Show entry in 'Tools' menu will add a button resp. a menu entry from which you have access to the notes manager and these preferences. The button also functions as switch to show and hide notes on the current page. If you still want to toggle visibility via the context menu, select Show 'Hide Notes' in context menu.
Notes can now be deleted directly via the delete button in the note, but you can still delete them via the context menu by enabling Show 'Delete note' in context menu.


  • Confirm deletion of notes: If enabled you will be asked again before finally deletion a note.
  • Show warning if website is not supported: Some websites/documents are currently not supported by FloatNotes. You won't be able to create notes for these. To remind you, you will see a warning about that.
    Websites / documents not supported are:
    • Websites with frames (framesets) (will probably supported in the future)
    • Documents with other URIs than http, https or file


Enable this option to synchronize your notes via Firefox Sync. Firefox Sync is built-in into Firefox 4 and is available for Firefox 3.6 via an add-on. All your data will be stored and transmitted encrypted. The encryption happens on your computer.
Note: Firefox Sync must already be enabled and set up for this to work. Enable only this option will not enable Firefox Sync.