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Tips & Tricks

Here you will find some (more or less) clever uses of FloatNotes you might not have thought about it. This list will hopefully grow and grow. If you have something new, let me know.

Using tags / categories for notes

  1. For every note you want to categorize or tag in a certain way, add a keyword (e.g. at the end of the not), exposing some structure you normally don't use in your normal text, e.g. [tagname] or ~tagname~ (if you don't like to see this extra tags in the note's text, wrap them into <sub></sub> HTML tags, this will make the font very small).
  2. In the notes manager, search for e.g [tagname] or any combination of tags, save it and give it a meaningful name. E.g. you can create a tag [todo], search for this tag and save the it under the name ToDo. This is a very easy and flexible way to add structure to your notes.

Your always-available reminder

Create a new note (or use an existing one), change the location to All websites and pin the note to the window. Now you can add any important information (such as a todo list) to the note and you will always see what things you have to do, regardless which website you are on.