Release Notes

June 28, 2011
  • Added Spanish, Italian and Polish localization
  • Fixed a minor bug in Firefox 5

April 12, 2011

  • Synchronization works with the latest version of Firefox Sync (issue #32).
  • Security measure to prevent access to note contents from websites also works in Firefox 4 now (issue #28).

March 10, 2011
  • Fixes critical security issue. The note's content is now embedded in an iframe to prevent access from the parent website. This fix does _not_ work in FF4 (it seems to be a bug in Firefox itself).
  • Internal restructuring of the code. Now there exists only one physical representation of a note , unlike before, where every window had its own version of the note.
  • Partial fix of #26: The indicators now use the same text size as set for the notes.

January 13, 2011

Fixed #19: Toolbar button cannot be moved. (At least it seems to be fixed).
Fixed #21: Hiding notes and browser history. If you hide the notes and move back and forward in the browsing history, the notes are now correctly hidden.
Fixed #22: Synchronization is not working.

January 4, 2011

Fixed #18: Port Number Filtered ou form URL

Some small localization and wording improvements.


December 27, 2010

  • Notes Manager: Search, list and edit all your notes
  • Real cross window updates
  • Synchronization with Firefox Sync
  • Toolbar button and menu entry
  • Notes can be pinned to the window (don't move with page when scrolling)
  • New location: Notes can be set up to be visible on all pages
  • Confirm deletion of notes (can be disabled)
  • New icons
  • Better handling of Ajax websites
  • Base font size can be changed now
  • Background color of note can be changed
  • Notifications if websites are not supported (e.g. if website contains frames)
  • Enforced more CSS rules for consistent look
  • Jump list of indicators now fades out when mouse leaves the list
  • Font color should now be black on all pages


July 3, 2010

This release only contains some small changes:

  • FIXED: Notes that have been minimized but should be expanded are minimized again after restart.
  • FIXED: Wrong number of notes is displayed when hiding notes on pages with more than 10 notes
  • FIXED: Indicators are shown although notes are hidden.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Selecting a context menu entry does not end edit mode.
  • CHANGE: Edit and Delete context menu entries are not shown if the note is in edit mode.


July 2, 2010

  • Fixed delete function.
  • Indicators are now shown when adding a note to a page the first time.


July 2, 2010

  • When creating a new note, autofocus works no as expected.
  • Fixed bug that make toolbar buttons of other plugins disappear or "mixed up".

I am very sorry about this one and I hope the plugin did not get anyone into too much trouble. The problem was a third party library this plugin used. Now, I basically rewrote the plugin from scratch without this library and as far as I could test it, it runs fine now. Due that I had to remove the fancy effects like fade out, but I think a working version is much more important!
Still, if you experience any problem with other plugins, please let me know, I will try to fix this!

"To amend" some of the problems I might have caused, I added some smaller enhancements to the new version.

  • GUI polishing: Notes look "smoother" now.
  • Better performance: Notes are only loaded, when a tab is selected the first time.
  • Immediate updates: Changes made to notes that are shared between (opened) (sub)pages, are reflected in the other tabs immediately (due to the nature of Firefox, this does not work between different windows though).
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Changes can be discarded via ESC and saved via CTRL+ENTER.
  • Raise to top: Clicking or dragging a note makes it raise to top, meaning that it stays in front of all other notes on the page.
  • Default color (expert option): The default color of notes can be changed viaabout:configextensions.floatnotes.color (I will try to integrate the possibility to change to color for individual notes easily as soon as possible).